Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Back to School with Google Education

Be sure to watch the recorded Hangout on Air from Mickie Mueller and Otis Pierce, moderators of the GEG Great Plains group, as they share Back to School updates from Google Classroom, Google Forms, and more. 

Highlights include:

Google Classroom
  • Topics (can be used similar to tags, for sorting & categorizing posts)
  • Default = no due date
  • Preview YouTube, documents, etc. right in Classroom window
  • Parent/Guardian access (you have to enable in Students tab and manually enter emails)
  • Schedule a post
Google Forms
  • Quizzes (MC, choose from a list, checkboxes) but no need to use Flubaroo for simple quick quizzes
  • Can send feedback (including a link) with corrected quizzes
  • Add pictures to answer choices on form questions

Also be sure to check out Mickie's guide to Google Classroom: 

And her Google Forms Quizzes playlist:

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