Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Adventures in Art: Be an art analyst! (Green screen activity)

GreenScreen Activity
Be an art analyst! 

View student example from 2015-16 ESU 8 Art Show (Annika Thomas from Norfolk Jr. High)

Discuss key strategies.

Distance from the camera
Hiding “behind” parts of the artwork
Gestures and body movements

Determine access to the DoInk Green Screen app ($2.99)

Steps to Completion
  1. Decide if you want to put your video together on MAC or iPAD.
  2. Choose an art project that you have completed and digitize it. (Scan it or simply take a digital photo of it.)
  3. Write a script that you would say to give a “tour” of your artwork. Things to discuss may include:
    1. IDEATION: How did you get the idea/inspiration for the artwork?
    2. PRODUCT: What medium did you create with?
    3. PROCESS: What process did you go through to complete it?
    4. PRINCIPLES: Which art principles did you employ while creating it?
    5. BACK STORY: Explain the “behind the scenes” meaning and/or techniques used to create.
    6. MESSAGE: What do you hope your audience thinks when they see it?

  1. Film yourself reading your narrative.
Film with iPad camera
Film with iPad camera
AirDrop to a Mac
Airdrop clips from Photos app to another iPad (if desired)
  1. Edit your video
Open iMovie and start a new project
Open the DoInk GreenScreen app and start a new project
Drag in your art project and make it last for longer than you think your video will be
Add your art project to the very bottom track (+ Select a Source: Image)
Drag in your greenscreen video and drop it ON TOP of the art project clip
Insert your greenscreen video in the track ABOVE the art project clip             (+ Select a Source: Video)
Choose Green/Blue Screen from the drop-down effects in toolbar
Adjust the ChromaKey, if necessary
Clean up the area by dragging the handles around the greenscreen area. (Optional crop is also available.)
Pinch and zoom to place your greenscreen clip wherever you want it to appear on your background.
Repeat for additional clips as desired
Repeat for additional clips as desired

  1. Export and share!

Tips for a better finished product

Additional Ideas for Student Art Commentary projects

Gallery of finished products!

“Drew’s art example”

“Cardboard art”


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