Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Building a Student-Centered Learning Environment

Lately I have been working with schools on how to utilize technology to facilitate more student-centered learning.  The following resources are an introduction to various tools that can help educators get started with this important aim.

Presentation Tools
  • https://prezi.com/ - presentation software that Katie used to present.  Screen moves from slide to slide

Student Quizzes/Polling

Chrome extensions will show up on the top, right side of your browser.  Once you download them, you will have them every time you use a Chrome Browser.

  • Speakit! - Highlight text to speak
  • Screencastify - create screencasts on the chrome
  • DF Youtube - blocks all of suggested videos on the side of youtube videos

  • Suggesting Mode - (View -> Mode -> Suggesting) - leaves the original text on a Google Doc, but allows someone else to “suggest” revisions.  Student will have to go and resolve the issue
  • Revision History - (File -> See Revision History) - Google Docs saves all of revision history for a document
  • Dictation in Google Docs - (Tools -> Voice Typing) - Only in Chrome Browser - like Siri on your phone
  • GoogleDoc Add-ons - (Click Add-ons in Google Docs) - similar to Chrome Extensions
    • EasyBib - creates a citation in MLA or APA format for Google Docs

  • translate.google.com - has the ability to speak into google translate.  Does have the ability to translate an entire document, file, or website.

Collect and Curate

Communicate and Collaborate
  • Backchanneling - https://todaysmeet.com/ - use when showing a long video or long assignment.  Ask students questions in the backchannel to create interaction.  Help them watch the video with a purpose.
  • Blogging - http://blogger.com  - Can use to highlight daily learning, students can have their own blogs as well.  Is tied to a student’s google account.

Show What You Know
  • Screencastify Chrome Ext - capture video/audio on your computer
  • Google Slides - google’s version of PowerPoint.  There is the ability to share between students
  • Prezi (https://prezi.com/) - like a PowerPoint.  Creates zoom in and out slideshows.  This is the presentation tool Katie used during the presentation.
  • ThingLink - (https://thinglink.com) - upload picture, students add “hot spots” to explain the picture.  Students build in the buttons to highlight the information

Creation and Choice
  • Smore - (https://smore.com) online posters.  Can add videos, pictures, and text
  • Adobe Slate (https://slate.adobe.com)- Scrollable poster with images and words
  • Canva - (http://canva.com) Create visual elements for any project
  • Youtube Capture - record and edit videos right from YouTube

Padlet (https://padlet.com) - online corkboard for ideas.  Katie used at the end of the presentation

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