Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Classroom Tools for Formative Assessment

Whether the school year is beginning, underway, or coming to a rapid close, quiz and gameshow type tools are a welcome tool for any teacher's toolbox.

For this week's ESU 8 Wednesday Webinar I shared a brief message about Classroom Tools for Formative Assessment. You can view the entire 30 minute webinar here:

I created the following chart to do a snapshot side-by-side comparison of the 6 featured tools:

and it is included in the Accompanying Resources I have collected here:

However, if you are already familiar with one or more of these tools, consider individually visiting a short video for each.  With just about 3 minutes of your time, you can try a new formative assessment tool each week for the rest of the school year!







Like I have mentioned many times, these are just a few of my favorite formative assessment tools. The wonderful thing is that we as teachers have so many options available for our classrooms, and with more being added everyday.  If you have a favorite formative assessment tool that you would like me to review and/or support implementation of, just let me know!  Until then, keep assessing FOR learning with classroom formative assessment tools.

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