Friday, April 29, 2016

NPS "Geek Gathering" NETA ShareOut

It was quite the celebration at the Norfolk Public Schools Technology Center last Tuesday, April 26, 2016.  The group that gathered celebrated a final “Tech Tuesday” session for the current school year. They celebrated NPS’s own Lisa P., and all her service to the district and beyond. They celebrated new staff, eager to join the team. And most importantly, they celebrated a successful NETA Conference and the technology integration ideas that everyone who attended brought back to share with the group.

The following are a few of the highlights:

Quizlet Live
This brand-new formative assessment classroom game works with any current quizlet set of at least 12 unique terms and at least 6 students with devices.
*The really cool thing about Quizlet Live is the collaboration that it fosters. Each student sees unique answer choices on his/her device; therefore teamwork is required to find the correct answer together. 

Msqrd app (Pronounced “Masquerade”)
Add creative filters, video effects, and the oh-so-popular “Face Swap” to your 30 second videos.  To “hack” the 30 second time limit, simply create multiple videos, save to camera roll, and combine in iMovie app. 

Bouncy Balls - Monitor room noise with this website.
The louder the room, the more the balls bounce!

QR codes
QR codes continue to have numerous applications in educational settings.  
The group expressed a liking to, specifically in the formatting capabilities of the code itself. Also shared was a site to create multiple QR codes (up to 100 at once) in a batch creation using 
Directions and usage ideas here: 

The group was reminded of a great online collaborative tool that has been around for awhile known as Padlet. Formally named WallWisher, the teacher creates the “bulletin board” and shares the link with anyone who wishes to contribute. There is no need for learners to sign in, simply double click on the board and add their note, complete with URL or image, if they desire.

The group discussed using the Keynote app for student-created “hologram” videos. See an explanation here: 
Also suggested was a free app called Holapex Hologram Video Creator Holaplex This free app allows students to create the video directly within the app, eliminating the need to duplicate and rotate it in Keynote. However it does not save the hologram video creations. 

iPad Teleprompter
Lisa demonstrated her DIY iPad teleprompter.
Her current favorite teleprompter app to use with it is PromptSmart Pro- - as you can set wpm, import from Google Drive, and it has bluetooth capabilities.

Goose Chase app
Create a scavenger hunt activity for your class with the GooseChase app.  
It was used at NETA as an ongoing competitive activity, but also has classroom potential.
Teams are able to take pictures doing challenges and submit - and then see their results on a “leaderboard.”

Google Slides
Another clever simple idea was to change the page setup in Google Slides -
File > Page Setup > Custom 8.5 x 11 in and now your slideshows are standard paper size.
Idea: Create collaborative school newsletter. 

I realize that my notes are not perfectly complete. What valuable #NETAtakeaways did we leave out? 

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