Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Everyone Can Code!

Everyone Can Code!
an ESU 8 Wednesday Webinar from Katie Morrow

Everyone Can Code is an initiative recently launched by Apple to make coding with the Swift programming language even more accessible to all. Learn about Swift Playgrounds, a free app designed for middle schoolers on up, accompanying Teacher’s Guide, and related resources to give even novices more opportunities to reach students interested in coding. 

View the webinar here

and check out the Links and Resources below:

Everyone Can Code (and Swift Playgrounds)
Wednesday Webinar 10-5-16

Swift Playgrounds app
*Requires iOS 10.0 or later
Designed for Middle School Students

Swift Playgrounds Teacher Guide

App Development with Swift
Designed for High School or College Students

App Development with Swift Teacher Guide

Additional Resources

Coding STEM kits available for check out through the ESU 8 Media Center

Tickle app (free, but requires newer iPad)

Ozobot for pre-coders

Coding for Kids blog post by Katie Morrow from last year


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