Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Google Apps in the Classroom -- Valuable Resources for Educators

1. 40 ways to start using Google Apps for Education


 Although this free online presentation is from a couple years ago, the content is still relevant and valuable if you teach in a Google Apps school. Consider perusing the slides to see if you can come across any new ideas for integrating Google Apps for Education into your teaching and learning. 

2. Google for Education Training Center - Get certified

In addition, the Google for Education Training Center offers a plethora of resources for diving deeper with your educational application of Google Apps. Educator Level 1 and Level 2 certification quizzes are offered for $10.00 each, but you can learn a lot from the training resources without paying for the certification. 

3. Deeper Learning with Google Apps

I always enjoy Matt Miller's 'Ditch That Textbook' blog and this recent post entitled "Deep Learning with Google tools: 20 Tips" is a real treat. 

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