Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Digital Learning Day Scheduled for February 17

Information from an email from Digital Learning Day, Center for Digital Learning and Policy

Digital Learning Day: February 17, 2016

On February 17, thousands of schools and local communities will celebrate the fifth anniversary of Digital Learning Day and, more importantly, will take part in the exciting transformation of teaching and learning powered by technology. It may not be the only day where educators and students go digital, but it is a day that challenges everyone to be actively involved in reimagining the education system.

Getting there is not just about using digital devices, it is about using them in ways that promote deeper and more engaged student learning. It is also about making sure that all students have access to those opportunities, not just those fortunate enough to attend the best schools.

On February 17, celebrate education innovation by sharing how you will reimagine learning in your classroom, program, school or district. This could involve pairing up less experienced educators with more experienced ones to do a joint digital lesson or trying out new ways of using technology in classrooms. Whatever you do—however small—makes a difference!

How will you celebrate?

Official registration for local Digital Learning Day events is now open. Registration is easy and only takes a few minutes. Share how you plan to celebrate the day and your event will be added to the map of events across the country (and the world).

Enter to Win an Apple Watch

This year, Digital Learning Day is partnering with Participate Learning to find the best collection of digital resources and lessons. Educators can upload their favorite digital playlist of resources, websites, or lesson plans to be considered for the contest. A panel of expert judges will review the collections and a winner will be announced on February 17–Digital Learning Day!

Call for Submissions - Excellence and Innovation in Secondary Schools

Thank you to all of the schools and districts that responded to the 2015 Digital Learning Day Call for Submissions. Two finalists will be honored on Digital Learning Day and selected to be featured in an upcoming project that highlights some of America’s most innovative schools. Finalists will be notified by January 22.

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