Sunday, January 17, 2016

ESU 8 Midwinter Workshop held January 14, 2016

The 2016 Winter Workshop was successfully held on Thursday, January 14 by ESU 8 and Norfolk Public Schools.

Dave Weber launched the day in the Johnny Carson Theater with a rousing keynote address entitled, "STICKS & STONES EXPOSED: The Truth Behind Words & Relationships" or also known as "Some Days You're The Pigeon... Some Days The Statue".

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Dave spoke of the importance of relationship building and the direct correlation with academic success. Humor and sensible advice framed the talk, and all who attended felt motivated to improve social skills with colleagues and students.
Standing ovation for Dave Weber in Norfolk's Johnny Carson Theater
Following the keynote address three different time slots offered over 90 different break-out sessions throughout the Norfolk High School building. Presenters traveled from across the state to share with ESU 8 educators and the quality of content presented was top-notch. Session descriptions and related resources are linked on the event webpage which can still be accessed here:
For those who attended, be sure to complete the feedback form linked to the site and check out resources of the sessions you weren't able to attend.  Likewise, if you weren't able to attend, this site can serve as a rich source of information on a wide range of relevant education topics.

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A huge shout of appreciation goes out to the ESU 8 and Norfolk Public Schools planning team and all those who contributed to make the 2016 Midwinter Workshop such a successful experience. 

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