Sunday, January 3, 2016

Refocus to reign in a new year

New Year's Resolutions are definitely an opportunity to refocus, to realign our goals. However, resolutions can often focus on the negative, and even more often elicit results which lack success.  Rather than resolutions, consider this year a #oneword for 2016.  Choose just one simple, powerful word for the new year to help focus and motivate towards action.

This movement towards action is what motivated me to give it a try.  My One Word for 2016 is ACTIVATE. I chose it because it begins with those three powerful letters: act.  While the part of speech for your one word is not prescribed, it was important to me that it be an action verb.  I enjoy the challenge of lighting fires and inspiring others to do more each and every day.  In addition, ACTIVATE would score a Scrabble bonus, which is always a great thing!

More powerful than resolutions, here is my #oneword for #2016. Chosen bc of its part of speech, leading 3 letters, emphasis on service & support in my current role. Plus it would score a Scrabble bonus too! :)

Whether you participate personally, professionally, or with your students, take a moment to reflect on your #oneword for a new year. Do something with clarity, purpose, passion, and power.  Share your #oneword for #2016 today!

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