Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Monster Character Maker

Mrs. Jenny Alder's 4th grade students at Stuart Elementary were kind enough to help me create some monster characters!

Using the brilliant activity from Laura Wright's WrightStuff Interactive, airdropped via Apple Classroom, students got right to work creating unique monster characters in Keynote. 

What resulted was a diverse conglomeration of mostly-friendly monsters, complete with name and the artist's autograph. 

Now the 4th graders will employ their creative writing skills to bring their monster characters to life in writing!

Digital Design class getting creative with dSLR camera

Mrs. Kristen Evans's Digital Design class at Neligh-Oakdale High School has been putting industry-standards gear into their classroom practices.

Through an intro to digital photography they have been exploring basics of dSLR cameras as well as general principles integral to mobile photography as well. 

Students use their creative "mind's eye" to MAKE photos and not just TAKE photos.

There are so many great resources available on digital photography, many which are free.
I recommend the following for sure:

But the most important element to successful photography is simply to look, notice, wonder, and capture LOTS of shots. 

This class is well on their way to developing their craft and putting it into practice in the community around them. 

Spooky Science

Mrs. Shirley Rossman and several of her 4th grade students created a Halloween-themed story to share their learning about physical and chemical changes in Science.

The team brought their ideas to life with a green screen, iMovie, and extra touches with Keynote.

The video was shared at West Holt Elementary's October assembly during Jr. Husky Highlights so all could share in the learning!

Congrats, ladies, on a creative, "creepy" project!

360 degree video at ESU 8

Catch some of the 2019 JH Quiz Bowl highlights in 360 degree video (hint: click to the left and right of your viewing window to change the perspective)

Or take a VR tour of the new ESU 8 building in the Google Expeditions app!

Be creative to help get 'back in the groove'!

Back to School time around ESU 8 was filled with new facilities, new personnel, and new expectations for an amazing school year. Many of the activities incorporated a hands-on activity powered by educator creativity.

The following are some of the examples. Can you think of how each activity could be modified for use in your classroom?

Creative Portraits

Expedition Map

Expedition Team Flags

Expedition Team gifs

Wormhole Challenge

Topics and Trends in Tech Integration (November newsletter article)

Topics and Trends in Tech Integration
By Katie Morrow, ESU 8

The following are current technology integration projects and practices that ESU 8 schools have been busy with recently. Remember that the invitation is always open if you see something from this list that you would like to try in your classroom. Contact us at ESU 8 and we would love to help get something planned in your school!
  • Digital book creation: A digital book is so much more than a book. Rather it is a container/organizer for all kinds of learning! Use a digital book as an investigation journal, a portfolio, a class collection of pages on a larger topic, or even a way to document a school event. Publish and share with the world without wasting any printer ink!
  • Creative media production: Whether a quick project like the greenscreen “Wormhole Challenge” or a class project like content area student-produced videos, students can practice interview skills, speaking skills, editing and creativity. Videos are a universal way to share what is being learned in the classroom with the rest of the world!
  • VR and AR: Virtual and augmented reality can bring content to life. Students can experience apps to take them places they couldn’t normally go: for example the inside of body systems or underneath the ocean floor. Also possible is students creating their own VR and AR creations with tools such as Google's Tour Creator, AR Makr app, or Blippar.
  • Digital resources for research: Utilize World Book online, Learn 360, or Virtual Field Trips to connect your class with first rate global resources- all with virtually no cost. Avoid simply going on a Google search and use higher quality resources for whatever your next educational project may be.
  • Blended Learning and PBL: Here’s a framework or a learning methodology to make your next project more student directed. Student agency empowers learners to be responsible for choices impacting their productivity and understanding of content. Make your next unit more personalized by blending in some project based learning or station rotation experiences.  
  • Gamify with assessment tools: Use technology for your next classroom review session and make learning fun! There are so many readily available formative assessment tools that you can choose a new one each unit so students don’t grow tired of any of them. Even some traditional tools have new features, so ask about ways to gamify that next class review session. 
  • Learning Management System tools like Canvas or Google Classroom: The easiest way to take technology integration to the next level in your classroom is to employ a system of content delivery and student interaction. Even Apple Classroom has updates to make their newest technology more manageable for all. Work with us to uncover ways your LMS can allow for more productive learning environments. 
  • Coding: Expose students to computational thinking by integrating some analog "intro to coding” activities. Or give them time to explore Swift Playgrounds on iPad or the code.org website. Or bring the Sphero programmable robots to your school for a coding kick-off activity. Once you get kids hooked, the sky is the limit for their future!

For additional ideas and examples from ESU 8 schools recently, be sure to check out my Instructional Tech at ESU 8 blog at: https://esu8tech.blogspot.com  

Sunday, October 20, 2019

2019 DigCit Week - Student creations

Students from ESU 8 who attended this year's Nebraska Digital Citizenship Symposium created positive campaigns to take back to their school and community for DigCitWeek 2019.

O'Neill High School

8th grade students from O'Neill High School created the following video PSAs to share with students at both the Elementary and High School buildings.

In addition, this O'Neill High School Digital Citizenship team appeared on Eagle Eye Broadcasting- Daily Announcements during DigCit Week and shared their message. 

West Holt High School

7th grade students from West Holt created a social media campaign with graphics shared on their school twitter channel all week long. 

Ewing Public School

6th and 7th grade students from Ewing Public School organized a TikTok challenge for Digital Citizenship Week. 

Thank you, ESU 8 students, for showing all of us how we can each "Be the One" to make a difference online.