Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Develop your CrEaTiViTy skills this summer!

My Wisconsin teacher friend Felecity Treptow recently shared these summer creativity calendars she created for students in her district.

Based on the Everyone Can Create guides from Apple, these self-paced activities could truly be completed by learners of ANY age... even the teacher! 

Better yet, Felecity was kind enough to share the Keynote source file. In this way, she encourages educators to remix her calendars and customize the activities to your own learning community. How creative!

Download customizable calendar and edit in Keynote


Pioneer ABCs: Book creation by 1st graders

To bring to life first grade Social Studies learning, this class created an alphabet book based on the "Little House on the Prairie" series and Westward expansion topics. 

First, Mrs. Willis and her students brainstormed topic options for each of the letters of the alphabet, then assigned to her class. 

Next students researched and wrote their "stories," drawing an accompanying picture on paper.

I shared an ABC book template page via Apple Classroom and worked with the students to publish their work in Pages. Many examples of combining pencil and paper artwork with digital artwork were experimented with. 

Students rotated through some "finishing stations" where they recorded audio with Mrs. Willis or were photographed in a pioneer costume.

Finally the pages were submitted to me via Apple Classroom so that I could assemble them in a class alphabet book. 

Now published on the Apple Books Store, you can enjoy it here:

For members of our audience without access to Apple Books, we shared the following additional versions:

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Electrical Circuits as Animated Gifs

An animated gif is basically a video that auto plays and loops, creating a short animation without sound. Often used online in social media, the impact of the short, repetitive movie can be one of emphasis and emotion.

Apple's free app Keynote now has the ability to export any slide animation as an animated gif. Simply add builds and transitions as normal and then use File > Export to choose the gif option. These are easily shared on Twitter or can be added to slide presentations for emphasis.

In Mr. Morrow's 8th grade Science classes at O'Neill Public, students have been learning about harnessing energy and the role of parallel and series electrical circuits. Asking students to create an animation to explain key concepts was a truly authentic assessment opportunity. View some of the student examples below:

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Student-Created "Quiz Shows" made in Keynote

The power of non-linear hyperlinking is impressive for the learning process of students of all ages. By simply using the "Link to a slide" feature in Keynote, learners can essentially "program" a set of slides into an interactive game show.

 Sixth grade students from Mrs. Sarah Vogel's Social Studies classes at West Holt recently created this multimedia exemplars to review their unit on South America. Try your hand at answering their questions and see how you do!

  Note: Original products were created and shared with the class as "Links Only" presentations in Keynote. To make sharing on this blog easier, I converted them to Google Slides presentations, where they unfortunately lost some formatting and functionality.

 For step-by-step directions of how to replicate this activity, visit this resource.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Biographical Infographics

Creative, unique, and informative- these English7 @oneilleagles students shared their biographical research on selected poets through #infographics built in #Keynote. An extra-special touch was each one's audio recording of a poem they added! @AppleEDU #EveryoneCanCreate #poetry

listen to Hope's audio added to her infographic:

To launch this project with students I first shared the definition of an infographic with some semi-biographical examples I found online.  I also created a starter example of one my favorite poets, our Nebraska poet, Ted Kooser. Using this exemplar, I demonstrated how to change the Keynote slide size to custom dimensions to create the "canvas" for the infographic. Then, using simple shapes and remixing  images from external sources, we began to lay out the poster design. Colors evoke mood and a strong background image with the opacity altered can demonstrate theme. An introduction to typography was explained in order to use fonts and formatting for emphasis. Finally, I showed students how to record an audio excerpt from one of their poet's most popular poems and encouraged students to create their oral readings for homework. 

Total class time spent on this project equalled three class periods: one day (before I arrived with their English teacher Mrs. Reinhardt-Sigler) for students to research their selected poet and complete a notes sheet, one day for how-to instruction and time to get started, and one day for completion of the creative infographics. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Six Shot Stories in Science

West Holt 4th graders are at it again! Turning their writing skills into six-shot stories with Clips. This year they took on the added charge of creating their stories about relevant science topics from a list Mrs. Shirley Rossman gave them.

They used a storyboard/planning document to help them plan their video stories, making sure they used six unique camera shots when filming.

Finally, they brought their Six Word Stories to life using Clips on the iPad.

Here are the final products:
Six Shot Science Stories playlist

AMAZING Animals books written by AMAZING Authors

For this 2nd grade class, this was the very first time they had ever used Pages... let alone create a digital book. 

They were excited about becoming authors! (mostly!)

I shared a simple template with them via Apple Classroom so that had a starting point for their Amazing Animal book. 
Download and open in Pages
Our first task was to find a cover image, change the opacity, and use the drawing tools in Pages to create original artwork. When the tracing image was deleted, students were so proud of their digital artwork! 

Of course, capturing "selfies" for their "Author the Author" page was pretty fun, too!

Next the students added content from their research on each of the pages, enhancing with copyright-friendly photos, shapes & drawing and even image galleries.  

The final step was to record audio. Some students recorded a reading of their entire "report" while others recorded bits of text from multiple pages. 


Students exported as ePubs and "handed in" their books via Apple Classroom, and Mrs. Krutz collected them all. To share with family and friends, I posted the epub files on a webpage and also made a screen recording video of each book, so that an audience without an iPad could still hear the students' voices. 

All in one day's work in a second grade classroom!
Amazing Animal Books by Verdigre 2nd grade